rent a crane dc

Standard Terms & Conditions

  • Price good for 90 days. 
  • No Fuel Surcharges Apply.
  • Any / All Agreements are subject to manpower and/or equipment availability.
  • A Signed / Executed Service Agreement is required prior to move.
  • A Certificate of Insurance shall be provided to the customer upon request.
  • Please allow 4 – 5 days for the completion of a Standard Lift Plan once all required information is provided.
  • Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for public space permits, permits are subject to Government approval (specifically outside of Crane Rental's control).
  • Customer is responsible for confirming all dimensions and weights (max radius & max load) that is used to determine the size and configuration of the crane, whether or not the maximums are expressed or implied (i.e. limited by the crane size).
  • A completed Credit Application or Credit Card (payment) is required for new customers prior to move.
  • Payment Terms:  Due Net (30) @ 1.5% (for account holders), due prior to move (for credit card customers), No Retention Allowed.
  • Crane Rental shall not be liable for any damage caused by our equipment to parking lots, curbs, shrubs, trees, or any other surfaces.
  • Customer acknowledges that the crane, its equipment, site, rigging and personnel are under the customer's exclusive, full and complete power, supervision, direction and control during the term of the lease, and that the customer will supervise and direct their operation in a safe manner and in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations, as well as the manufacturers' specifications and the industry codes regarding signaling and direction.
  • All work to be performed during regular working hours Monday -thru- Friday (excluding Holidays), unless otherwise stated (normal start time is between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM, differential charges of $50/hr/man will apply for start times that are outside of the normal start times).  Also note: there are additional charges for working thru the lunch hour.
  • Customer to provide access and egress (including but not limited to: security, site preparation, tree/brush clearing, vehicle/equipment removal).
  • Above prices are subject to 6% MD Sales Tax or 5.75% DC Sales Tax.  No Sales Tax applies in VA.
  • When the crane is left on-site add $100/hr/man for the operator's & oiler's travel time to/from yard/job on the days moving in and out (including the oiler’s travel time from the yard to the job and back to the yard to pick up and/or return the operator if the crane is only maned by one man).
  • This Agreement is expressly an hourly based Agreement, Hours calculated portal to portal, equipment & men hail from our yard in NE, Washington, DC.
  • Customer agrees to have a fully authorized agent on-site for the duration of the work being performed to sign off on all job tickets at both the arrival and departure of men and/or equipment.
  • Customer agrees to assure that soil, ground and site conditions are proper to support the combined weight of the crane, equipment, rigging and load, and assumes full responsibility for the same per OSHA §1926.1402.
  • Customer to supply or pay for any parking fees and/or fines that may be applicable for the job site.
  • Customer agrees to supply, assemble, affix and inspect any and all rigging devices.  If customer decides to use any rigging devices that are the property of Crane Rental, customer agrees to inspect and assume all responsibility for the adequacy of design and strength of such rigging devices and lifting lugs.  
  • Crane Rental makes no representation as to the adequacy of design or strength of any rigging, lugs or lifting devices or any assembly or attachment thereof, and hereby disclaims any warranties relating to them, including fitness for customer’s particular purpose.    
  • Customer shall be responsible for any/all damages to the crane if left on-site (setup or parked) while unattended by Crane Rental’s personnel (including but not limited to: graffiti, broken glass, vandalism, stolen parts, fouled fuel).
  • Lift Plan changes due to delays and/or other reasons that are outside of Crane Rental’s control shall be billed at $15 per page or at the full quoted Lift Plan price, whichever is cheaper.   
  • Any and All Crane Layout Drawings provided by Crane Rental are the intellectual property of Crane Rental and may not be disclosed without written permission.  
  • Customer agrees to pay 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid portion of any sum due hereunder, and further agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and other costs incurred by Crane Rental to collect sums under the Service Agreement or enforce any other term of the Service Agreement, whether suit is filled or not.    
  • Weekly rates are based on (5) – (8) hour days – (40) Total Hours, Monday–Friday, Rain or Shine, excluding Holidays.
Monthly rates are based on (22) – (8) hour days – (176) Total Hours, Monday–Friday, Rain or Shine, excluding Holidays.