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Whether you are looking to move and install a small individual machine or a large plant size project, we are the go-to people. At Crane Rental Company we have all the necessary machinery to handle any rigging project in DC metropolitan area.

We have plenty of great attributes that make us the perfect fit for your project. Some of our great attributes include:

Experience: We are family owned business and have been operating since 1937. The experience that we have gained over the years allows us to provide you with the best rigging services. Over the decades there is almost no rigging project that we havenít done; therefore, you can have peace of mind that your project will be handled by professionals that have handled many similar projects before.

Top notch machines: As mentioned above, we have a wide range of devices to handle both small and industrial projects. In addition to the tools, we also have materials that make it possible to complete the projects fast. We regularly use wire rope slings, certified synthetic slings, shackles, and lifting beams. We also have the modular slider beam that makes it possible to move large and bulky equipment when doing heavy rigging. We also have the man-cages, hanging forks, dump boxes, and concrete buckets that safely hoists people and materials in bulk. This saves not only time, but also money.

Safety: We understand the risks that come with rigging projects. To avert the danger we employ experienced, and NCCCO trained riggers and signalmen. In addition to this ensuring that the projects are handled safely, it also ensures that the process is fast and professional. In our working, we observe all the OSHA plant safety requirements which further increase the safety aspect.

A wide range of services: We are not only a safe rigging company. At Crane Rental Company we provide a wide variety of services. Some of the services we provide include: heavy machinery moving, heavy rigging, industrial rigging, machinery moving, specialized crane and rigging, crane rigging, and equipment moving and relocation. We are both small and heavy machinery movers. We are also light and heavy equipment movers. Some of the equipment we move include: chillers, centrifuges, dryers, boilers, cooling towers, extruders, reactors, mixers, evaporators, injection molders, power generation equipment, generators, filters, pelletizers, tanks, turbines and many others.

SC&RA membership: Crane Rental Company is a member of the specialized carriers and rigging association (SC&RA). This is an international association with more than 1,300 members. As members of the associations we participate in workshops, webinars and seminars all of which are aimed at impacting our staff with the best and latest knowledge so that they can serve you better.

If you are having a rigging project and looking for the best machine movers or rigging companies near me, you should go for us as we are one of the best rigging companies in the region. Let us handle your rigging project, and you wonít be disappointed.