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Crane Rental Services VA

At Crane Rental Company we provide a wide range of services that include:

Crane services VA

With cranes of different capabilities, we are able to serve our Virginia clients efficiently. Our cranes are capable of lifting between 15-ton to 400-tonnes; therefore, if you are looking for crane service near me and want to lift objects within this range, you should hire our crane service.

Crane Rental Company has been in business since 1937. Due to the many years of experience, you can be confident that when you rent crane truck or any other services from us, you will be working with experts. To provide you with the best service, our cranes come equipped with unique spreader bars and riggings. These additional features allow our crane for rent to handle any hoisting assignments you might have.

We are a fully insured and licensed crane rental service thus you can have peace of mind that when you hire us, any accident caused by the cranes will be our responsibility.

When you are looking to rent a crane, you should provide us with all the necessary information. You should let us know:

  • The weight and dimensions of the items you want to be lifted. This will help us to determine the rigging specifications and the size of the crane that will be ideal for the work.
  • Lift and elevations: We will also like to know where the object will be lifted from and placed. For example, whether it will be lifted from a trailer and put on a story building. This again helps us to choose the right crane for the work.
  • Access restrictions: If the item you want to be moved is located at a construction site or any other area with restrictions, you should let us. This is to help us know whether we will need to install matting for the crane to sit on or not.

If you feel that you donít have all the details or you arenít confident in your explanations, donít worry as we have a team of highly experienced operators and engineers that will provide you free on-site support.

We provide a wide range of crane hire services for you to choose from. Some of these services include: small crane rental, mobile crane rental, boom truck rental, mobile crane hire, crane truck rental and portable crane rental. Itís up to you to choose the one that you want. Due to the many services we provide, when looking for crane companies near me or crane rental near me donít hesitate to give us a visit.

Rigging services VA

Whatever you are seeking to arrange, we will help you do it. We have highly experienced personnel that understand the risks that come with rigging operations. When you hire our crane rigging services, we first visit the site and determine the scoop of the work and the land conditions. This enables us to identify any problems before they happen. If you have specialized items that you want to be moved and looking for ďrigging companies near meĒ you should consider our services as we have a team of experts experienced in specialized crane and rigging.

Trucking Seervices VA

Experienced experts better do the transportation of heavy equipment. We have rollbacks, flatbeds, trailers, and tractors to make the transportation possible. To ensure that all the equipment arrives safe and in good condition, we install tarps and padding on all items to be transported. We also have diligent and experienced drivers that drive with utmost care. At crane Rental Company we are insured; thus, you can have peace of mind as you know any damage to your equipment will be our responsibility.

Storage Services VA

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor storage, short-term or long-term services, we have the capabilities and facilities to make it possible. We have a 40,000 sq.ft warehouse to store your equipment. If your items canít be damaged when stored outside, we have up to 50,000 sq.ft of space waiting to take the bulk. To reduce the damage on items stored outdoors, we provide shrink wrapping that ensures that your equipment lasts for a long time.