Factors To Consider When You Are Looking To Rent A Crane

rent a crane

If you have a construction project, you should rent a crane. When renting, you shouldn’t hire the first company that you come across as you will most likely end up hiring the wrong one. For you to hire the right company you need to consider a number of factors that include:

The appeal of the company at the yard

While you should start your research online where you should find the crane rental companies in your area, you shouldn’t go ahead and hire them online—you should visit the company offices and ask to see the cranes in the yard.

It’s difficult to tell how a company does its work from the pictures you see on their website. When you visit the company’s yard, you will be able to tell how well the company takes care of its machines. You also will be able to tell the number of cranes that the company has.

As rule of thumb, you should hire a company that has a wide range of cranes to choose from. The cranes should also be properly maintained.

Service backup

When you hire a crane, the crane becomes the center point of the project. This means that when it stops working, you have to halt the project. You don’t want this. Before you hire a crane service provider, you should verify who owns the cranes.

Some companies rely on sub-hiring where they hire the cranes, then rehire them to you. While this might work, it often results in complications especially when the machines develop mechanical problems. The process to fix the machine might be too long thus delaying your project.

To be on the safe side, you should hire a rental company that fully owns the crane(s) that you are interested in.


Most people contact the first name that shows up in the search results, but this shouldn’t be you. Before you make the final decision on the company that you will work with, you should ask a few people the experience that they had with the rental company.

You can ask the people online or ask the rental company to give you a list of the customers that it has worked with before.


These are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a crane rental service provider. For you to have a great experience, ensure that the rental company has high-quality machines. The company should also be certified to work in your local area.

Safety Tips When Undertaking Crane Rigging

When you are undertaking crane rigging, you need to be cautious to avoid accidents at the work site. To help you out, here are some of the tips that you should consider for you to be safe:

Work with the right crane

There are two main types of lifts that you can use in your work: critical and ordinary. You use critical lifts in areas that are more dangerous. The areas can be dangerous to you, environment, or facility.

The risk is more pronounced when you have to lift heavy objects such as beams for high-rise buildings. When you are using these units, you should hire extra personnel that are highly experienced to help you with oversight.

If the area you are working on isn’t too dangerous, you should use an ordinary lift. Even when using the unit, ensure that an expert operates it.

Always inspect the rigging equipment

If you are like most other people, you don’t own the rigging equipment—you rent it from the rigging services providers. When you get the equipment, you shouldn’t simply start using them—you should take your time and inspect them for any issues they might be having.

You should inspect the hoists, slings, straps, eyebolts, spreader bars and any other units you might require in your work. When you are inspecting the units, be on the lookout for signs such as kinking, fraying, breakages, and many others.

You should determine their effect on your units and if the damage is extensive, consider replacing them.

Pay attention to the load

When you are renting the rigging equipment, you should note that there are many types of equipment on the market that you can use. When using the equipment, you should pay attention to the weight that you want to load.

As you might expect, using a lot of load on a weak equipment will break it. If you aren’t sure of the right load that you should use on the unit, ask an expert to help you out.


These are some of the safety practices you should observe to avoid accidents at the workplace. After you have rigged the load to the crane, you should work with the crane for rent operator and ensure that the lift is stable, and the cables, straps, hoists, and hitches are adequate. All the crane operator has to do is to lift the load a few feet above the ground.

Tips To Consider When You Are Looking To Rent A Crane

rent a crane

Are you planning to rent a crane? You need to consider a number of tips for you to get the most from it. Some of the tips to consider include:

Have the purpose in mind

Why are you hiring the crane in the first place? If you have hired the units before, you must be aware that you can use them for different reasons.

You can hire the units to move heavy machinery and other units from one area to another. You can also use them for demolition purposes. If you are working at the construction site, you can hire and use them to load and unload materials.

When you are hiring the units you need to think about how you are going to use them. For example, if you are planning on demolishing some of the buildings, you should rent a unit with a wrecking ball or bucket.

Before you head to the crane rental stores, you should have researched on the crane that is right for your application. If you aren’t sure of the right one, get the input of an expert.

Think about the working site

Where are you planning on doing your work? Different cranes work better at different terrains. For example, if working in a rough terrain, you need a large, powerful crane. Just as you should know what you should use the crane for, you also should know the environment you will be working in.

This will not only help you in renting a crane that is ideal for you, it also will help you in coming up with a plan on how to prevent accidents from coming about. Again, if you aren’t sure of the right unit to go for, get the input of a professional.

Most of the good rental companies will visit the site and give you their recommendation.

Work with the right crane rental company

This is very important as working with the wrong professional will result in issues. The right crane service provider will have a wide range of cranes that you can rent.

The provider will also have a team that will guide you on the right unit that you should go for. When you are renting your cranes, you should ask the providers about the cranes that they have.

You also should know the maintenance of the cranes and whether the company is insured and certified to work in your local area.

Boom Truck Rental: Understanding The Boom Truck Crane

A boom truck crane is a heavy-duty machinery that you can use on a wide range of projects. You can use it to lift, lower, and even load heavy objects. If you are interested in the unit, you only need to visit your local boom truck rental companies.

These trucks are common in the construction sites and loading docks. When using them in tight spaces, you should go with those that have a short compact boom (knuckle boom), but if space isn’t an issue, you should go with those that feature a flat extension along the length of the truck bed (trolley boom).

A properly functioning boom truck can lift up to 50 tons.

Types of boom truck cranes

There are many types of these cranes in the market that you can go for. The most common are:

Fixed cab: This unit is built with a cabin for the operator. The cabin faces one direction which brings about the issue of mobility. The main benefit of the unit is that it’s able to carry a large load. The good thing is that the boom moves in all directions.

Swing cab: The swing cab has a more versatile design that allows the cabin to move in line with the boom. The benefit of this is that the operator has a wide range of vision and a greater range of mobility.

The truck accepts different types of booms allowing you to work in different areas.

Bucket crane: Also known as the aerial boom truck, this unit is ideal when you are handling a telecom, utility, and forestry project. From its name, the unit features a lifting arm with a bucket at the end that gives you a safe and stable platform for the workers to stand in.

For increased safety, the buckets are made from fiberglass and other dielectric materials.

Guide to renting the boom truck crane

As mentioned, when you need the crane you don’t need to buy one—you only need to visit your local crane service provider and hire one. For you to hire the right unit you need to consider a number of factors:

One of the factors to consider is the use of the crane. How are going to use it? As rule of thumb, you should hire one that matches your needs. You also need to consider the safety issues. The safer the crane, the better.

For you to get the most from the crane, ensure that you rent it from a reputable crane rental service provider.

Crane Rental Service: Understanding Overhead Cranes

crane rental service

Also known as a bridge crane, an overhead crane is popular in industrial environments. There are plenty of benefits that come with using these cranes. Some of these benefits include:  efficiency, safety, reduction in workplace accidents, improved workflow, lowered costs, green solution that reduces the environmental impact, reduction of material damage and many others.

If looking for the units, you only need to visit your local crane rental service providers.

Uses of the overhead cranes

  • You can use the cranes for different functions that include:
  • Moving containers around the railyard or shipyard
  • Loading and unloading materials from a truck
  • Feeding raw materials into a machine at a manufacturing facility
  • Moving materials around a facility more efficiently. This is when you don’t want to use a tow motor or manpower
  • Pulling and flipping dies in and out of a stamping machine at a manufacturing company
  • Moving parts or pieces down an assembly line in a controlled manner

Parts of an overhead crane

The unit has many parts that include:

Hook: It supports the lifted load. The hook usually connects to the hoist

Hoist: From its name, it holds, raises and lowers the load using a chain or rope. Depending on the version of your crane, the hoist can be powered using electricity, hand, or even compressed air.

Bridge: The bridge is a load bearing beam that runs the width of the building. It connects the runways and moves the hoist back and forward using a trolley.

Runway: The overhead crane travels on it to move the crane up and down the bays. The runways are usually part of a building and are often two per crane.

Trolley: The trolley supports the hoist and moves horizontally along the crane bridge to position the hook and hoist before picking and lowering a load. Trolleys come in two configurations: under and overrunning. You should choose the ones that are ideal for you.

Safety tips when working with the cranes

After you have rented the cranes from the crane service providers, you need to exercise caution when using them so that you don’t injure yourself or the people working on the site. The first thing you should do is to inspect the crane and ensure all the parts are in good condition.

If you have to hire a crane operator, ensure that he/she is highly experienced and certified to work in your local area. When moving the crane, ensure that there is no one under the unit.

Heavy Machinery Moving Tips

heavy machinery moving

Are you looking to move heavy equipment? The first thing you should do is to hire a reputable heavy machinery moving company. You also need to consider these tips to have successful transportation:

Tips when moving heavy machinery

Plan: You can’t wake up one day and decide that you want to move the heavy machinery—you need to plan. You need to visit the different moving companies and see what they have.

Once you have met a good potential mover, you should sit down and come up with a plan on how you will move the machine. You need to decide on the right moving vehicle, the right route to use and other logistics.

Safety: This is integral. Since the machine is heavy, you need to ensure that the process of moving it is as safe as possible. To have peace of mind that the process is safe, you need to work with a reputable company that is experienced enough.

Before the transportation, you should take time to educate the drivers and the staff that will be moving the machine on how to be safe.

Specialist equipment: If you have a customized heavy equipment, you can’t move it with any machine—you need to use specialized equipment. The machine movers that you are working with should own or have access to the equipment to make the moving a success.

Moving the machine abroad: In some cases, you may have to transport the machine abroad. For example, if you are having a project overseas. In such a scenario, you need a company that will help you in packing the machine properly an avoid damage as much as possible.

The heavy machinery movers should help you with everything from the packing to the shipping.

Insurance: As you know, heavy machinery is expensive, and you will incur heavy losses when it gets lost or damaged during the transportation. To protect yourself from this, you should insure yourself.

Before you start working with the movers, confirm whether they have a comprehensive insurance policy. If they don’t, you should avoid working with them or get the policy from an insurance company.


These are some of the tips that you should consider when you are moving heavy machinery. The key to a safe and successful process is working with the right company. In addition to the heavy equipment movers being reputable, they also should be flexible—the companies should be able to help you move a wide range of machines of different sizes.

Procedures To Ensure That Crane Rigging Is Safe

crane rigging

When you are undertaking crane rigging or any other form of rigging, the most important factor to consider is safety. To help you out, here are some of the procedures you should follow to make rigging as safe as possible:

Make a checklist of the rigging equipment

Before you start the project you need to make a checklist of the rigging equipment that you will be using. You need to check the condition of the equipment, the condition of the landing site, the weight tolerances of the equipment, and any other factors that might compromise safety.

When it comes to determining the condition of the equipment, you should inspect the straps, cables, slings, hoists, eyebolts, and spreader bars and ensure that they are in perfect condition. If there is any form of damage such as kinking, fraying, breakage, you should have the unit repaired by a professional.

Use the right rigging crane

There are two types of cranes that you can use in your project: critical and ordinary cranes. From their name, critical cranes involve increased danger to you or the work site. You use these cranes when you are looking to lift heavy and large objects such as beams when putting up high-rise buildings.

Since they involve a lot of danger, they require more oversight and you need to be very cautious when operating them.

Work with an OSHA official

When you are working with the critical cranes and you have a team, you should consider reaching out to an OSHA official and asking him/her to come to the job site and help you in enforcing the occupational, safety, and health administration (OSHA) regulations.

The cool thing is that most of the officials are ready to visit the site when you are properly organized. If you having issues setting up the meeting, work in close collaboration with the rigging services providers.

Work with experienced contractors

If you have to hire the crane operator, ensure that he/she is experienced enough. You also should ensure that the rigging lead is certified to reduce the chances of accidents happening.

After loading the crane, the rigging lead should work with the operator to ensure that all the hoists, cables, straps, and hitches are in their right places and in perfect condition.


These are some of the procedures that you should follow to ensure that the rigging project is safe. To get the most from your project, work with reputable heavy rigging company.

Crane Truck Rental: Taking A Look At The Parts Of A Crane Truck

crane truck rental

A crane truck relies on the lever system to move even the heaviest objects. You can use the unit in many areas such as loading ships, hoisting equipment at heavy construction sites, and in delicate operations such as moving a whale from a flatbed truck to an aqua arena.

If you are interested in the machine, you only need to visit your local crane truck rental company and place your order. To properly work with the machine, you need to know about the critical parts of the crane truck and how they work. These parts include:

Hydraulic system

The system is made up of a high pressure tubing, two or more rams, pump, and special fluid. The hydraulic system is the muscle that mechanical parts of the equipment. You use the system to move the boom into position, deploying the outrigger, rotating the Rotex gear, lowering and raising the load, and rotating the winch.

When you are renting the truck, you should inspect the system and ensure that it’s working perfectly. If it’s faulty, you put your staff and bystanders at risk as the equipment being carried can fall off.

Rotex gear

The Rotex is a large turntable that supports the boom and the cab on top of it. The gear plays a significant role in rotating the cab and lifting the arm on a vertical axis. To move the lever to your desired location, you use a bi-directional hydraulic motor.


The boom is the most noticeable part of the crane truck. There are two main types of booms: telescopic and articulated. In telescopic booms, the entire length of the boom is made up of several metal sections that you can slide in and out, depending on the working height that you are interested in.

An articulated boom is made up of several smaller booms, but instead of sliding in and out, each section is connected by a joint that allows it to fold or straighten. While most of the booms are made up of one version, there are some that have both versions.


This is what you need to know when you are looking to rent crane truck. When you are renting it, be cautious of the company you rent from as renting from a dishonest company would result to you renting a poor quality unit that puts you and your staff at the risk of accidents.

Crane Hire: What You Need To Know About Cranes

crane hire

If you have rented cranes before you must be aware that there are many types of cranes on the market that you can go for. All you need to do is visit your local crane hire company and choose the one that you want.

Types of cranes

Some of the cranes that you can go for include:

Mobile crane: A mobile crane is characterized by a telescopic boom that is mounted on a movable platform. Pulleys and levers move the boom. The mobile crane is ideal for use in city work as you can easily move it from one place to another.

When it comes to the work that it can do, you can use it for demolition and earthmoving work as it has a hook at the end.

Truck-mounted crane: From its name, this is a crane that is placed on top of a truck. These cranes feature outriggers that keep them stable when in use. In most cases, these cranes are used in rough terrain.

Loader cranes: They are made up of hydraulic powered booms that are fitted on to trailers. You use them to load goods onto the trailer. When the joints of the boom aren’t in use, you can fold them. These units often look like the telescopic cranes.

Floating cranes: If you are in the shipping industry, you might need these cranes. You will find these cranes in water and often used in the construction of ports, to aid in the construction of bridges, and to salvage ships.

Some cranes are specifically designed to unload ships. These are designed to handle cumbersome loads or awkwardly shaped containers.

Tower cranes: These are the most common cranes that you will find in your local crane rental company. They are usually very tall and lack a moveable base. You use these units in the construction of skyscrapers.

Tips for hiring a crane

When you are hiring the crane, you need to be very cautious for you to hire the right one. Before you hire the device, you need to think about the work that you are going to do. If constructing a tall building, you should go for a tower crane and so on.

You also need to consider the quality of the crane. Since its risky using the crane, you need to ensure that you rent a crane that is in perfect condition.

Understanding Heavy Machinery And Heavy Machinery Movers

heavy machinery movers

If you are involved in the construction industry, you have to hire heavy machinery and even the heavy machinery movers from time to time.

Tips for hiring the heavy machinery

Whether you need a crane or any other equipment, you need to consider a number of factors for you to hire the right unit. Some of the factors to consider include:

Type of work: This is crucial as hiring the wrong equipment would result in inefficiency. If you are looking to bring down a house, you need a different equipment from the one you need to transport products from one place to another. If you aren’t sure of the right equipment to go for, get the input of a professional.

The condition of the machinery: Heavy machines are a great risk thus you should pay close attention to their condition. As rule of thumb, you should rent a machinery that is in top condition. When renting, ask the rental company about the maintenance records. To be on the safe side, never hire a machine that hasn’t been maintained lately.

Rental company: How is the customer service of the rental company? It’s important to think about this as there is nothing as depressing as working with a rental company that is difficult to work with. Does the customer service desk respond to your queries?

If it doesn’t respond at the time that you want it to, you will have a difficult time as you won’t get the service you need at the time you need it. For example, in the event, the machine fails. To be on the safe side, only work with a company with an excellent customer service.

Safety tips when working with heavy machinery

As mentioned above, it’s risky working with the heavy machines; therefore, you should exercise a lot of caution when working with them.

One of the things you should do is to ensure that the machine is properly maintained. If the crane service provider doesn’t supply you with an operator, you should only hire one who is experienced enough.

Finally, you should be extra vigilant. In addition to the operator, also consider hiring an experienced professional to direct the operator especially if you are moving products in areas with limited visibility.


This is what you need to know about heavy machinery. To get the most from them, you shouldn’t be in a hurry when hiring and even when using the machine as you risk causing an accident. Whether you are undertaking heavy rigging or any other task, ensure that the work is done professionally and without haste.